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A2A - Access to Allotments

by way of

Overgrown or Unused Gardens

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  • Disabled or Elderly?

  • Overgrown Garden ?

  • Garden too big for you now ?

  • Can't Cope ?

There may now be a way in which the Disabled & Elderly could have the services of an enthusiastic gardener completely free of charge.

In a joint initiative Access All Areas together with a local "Greener Living" Group is piloting a project to provide assistance for those who are unable to cope with their garden for one reason or another.

The local "Greener Living" Group would like to encourage more people to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

  • The advantages are manifold:
  • Saving Money
  • Producing Organic Food
  • Eliminating Supermarket Packaging
  • Reducing Food Miles
  • Sustainability

BUT ....

Research undertaken by the Group indicates there are just not enough allotments to go round:

  • Demand is far outstripping supply
  • All the Councils in the area report a very long waiting list for allotments
  • We are being encouraged to 'Go Green' and 'Grow Our Own' but for many of us who don't have our own garden this is an impossible dream, when no allotments are available


  • The Disabled and Elderly and perhaps others (*) may allow a part of their garden to be used as an allotment.
  • This could be in exchange for cutting the lawn, or providing some produce from the allotment, or any other reciprocal gesture, that both parties agree to.
  • (*) Others may include

      • Smallholders who have some spare land

      • Large Houses with Large Gardens whose owners would like to support Greener Living and Sustainability for others

      • Farmers who could 'donate' a small part of a currently unused field from their farm

  • We would like to know just how much demand there really is for Allotments in Mid Sussex
  • We know most local Councils have long waiting lists
  • Some have even closed their lists - you may have to wait years to even join the waiting list!
  • Data protection precludes the Councils telling us who is on their lists
  • Please join our waiting list .... for three reasons:
    • It will help us to know the true extent of those waiting
    • We could then try to encourage the Councils to release more land for allotments under their new Sustainability Policies
    • If we are successful in gaining Access to Allotments by way of Overgrown or Unused Gardens, we will be able to offer introductions 

Draft Terms and Conditions

  • Access All Areas & the "Greener Living" Group will only act as an 'Introduction Agency'
  • It must be the responsibility of Allotment Owner and Allotment User to satisfy themselves of the suitability and integrity of the other party
  • For security reasons, there must be no need to walk through the house - there must be side or rear access to the plot
  • Access should only be on agreed days and times
    • .... and doubtless much more which we should consider
    • We will be consulting the Community Police and other appropriate Agencies, but why not join us now to help formulate this scheme
Join Us
  • If you would like to join our Working Party to further progress this concept
  • or would like to contribute ideas by e-mail
  • Please contact us as shown below 

For Further Information please e-mail :




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