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Obstructions caused by the Selfish or Inconsiderate

These pictures seek to show how the selfish parking of inconsiderate able bodied drivers, (who can't be bothered to walk an extra few yards), impacts greatly on those with disabilities .....

For example: (appropriate pictures pending)


Abuse of Disabled Bays

People granted Disabled Badges are not able to walk any great distance (if at all) unaided - able bodied drivers abusing these bays cause great difficulties.



Pavement Parking

Wheelchair & Scooter users are often unable to pass by. Also affects blind or partially sighted, who rely upon the kerb for positioning.

Dropped Kerbs

Parking across dropped kerbs means Wheelchair & Scooter users are unable to cross the road, have to turn round, & face long un-necessary detours.


Fraudulent Badge Use

People borrowing a Disabled Badge are committing an offence. Worse still are those that use either stolen or photocopied badges.

Also,  Wheelchair & Scooter  users can often find Pavements blocked by Overgrown Hedges or Wheelie Bins


Overgrown Hedges or Low Branches

Overgrown Hedges or Low Branches can restrict both Headroom & Width  for Wheelchair & Scooter users.  They are often unable to pass by. This often necessitates turning round, and finding a dropped kerb for an alternative route.


Wheelie Bins

Wheelchair & Scooter users are often unable to pass by. The Waste Contractor is obliged to return the Bin to the point from which it was taken ... not to just abandon it on the pavement.










We urge you to report all such obstructions to the relevant Authority


Click  to see the Authority responsible for different aspects of obstruction


Support our "Shop a Blocker" campaign, by reporting these obstructions to us

We will collate details and forward as appropriate.


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